Who We Are

Americas Housing Alliance has one of the best program’s for investors that want to own and lease single-family homes in America. What makes us the best? We have selected the best cities to own investment properties. We do the best renovations on the property types we buy than anyone. We use the best property management companies for each location over each home. Finally, we offer the investor the highest return on investment than any other offering.

These are bold claims but we stand by them. So, when you search through our available homes and push the button that you want that home, you get a home that has been freshly renovated where we replace anything that’s not working or in good working order; we have a new leased tenant already paying rent and a trusted top notch property manager already in place. As the new owner of the home, we handle the closing for you; transfer over the property insurance and the property manager. That’s it. You get monthly rent checks and let the property manager deal with any day-to-day needs of the tenants.

Mind you, we don’t have the most stunning looking homes but we have the most stunning financial returns for you. We assume that is what’s most important to our investors. It is for us.

No one buys the way Americas Housing Alliance buys properties; no one renovates at the depth we do; and no one can compare to the cash flows that you enjoy from an Americas Housing Alliance property. After all, we invest where America lives.

The Americas Housing Alliance Team is comprised of real estate lawyers; business executives and street-savy real estate experts that have bought and revitalized literally thousands of homes in the past 5 years. It is rare to find a real estate group with the depth of management in Americas Housing Alliance. Put us to the test. Just one of our team members has done over $33 billion in deal transactions in his career.