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February 1, 2017
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If you’re involved in managing turnkey rental unit, a big part of your challenge is the investment side of things – turning a profit, managing expenses and all those sorts of things. At Americas Housing Alliance, we’re here to put you in the best possible position for these factors.

The practical part of the equation is vital too, though, and this involves being a good landlord and property manager. Many of the tactics here are simple things you can do to endear yourself to tenants and present a professional, high-quality product to potential renters. Here are a few basic tips.


Tenants really appreciate a manager or landlord who is proactive about some of the key issues in a property. Questions are answered quickly, and many issues are cleared up before any questions even need to be asked. This starts during the application process and extends all the way until a tenants move-out date. With online rating services growing in popularity, a lazy approach will get you a reputation before long.

First Impressions

First impressions go a long way, as they say, and you want to make the right one. You’re going for the right mix of friendly and professional – you want tenants to trust you, but not feel like they can take advantage of you. People appreciate advanced disclosure on policies and rules, plus clarity in things like the lease and any monetary requirements.

Organization and Communication

Tenants will quickly be able to tell if you’re disorganized and doing things off the cuff. They’ll often notice this during the application process – paperwork or maintenance might be out of date, or you might seem rushed and uninformed. If you’ve got everything together, though, they’ll notice how much more smoothly things run.

Communication is also very important, from start to finish in any rental situation. Be available to handle problems, and know how to politely communicate with a tenant about sensitive issues like late rent or a withheld security deposit.

Local Knowledge

A great perk for many landlords, especially in areas with high turnover, is a knowledge of the local area. This will make new tenants feel very at home during their move-in times, and can endear you to them. Again, in a world where your reputation will get around quickly, this kind of stuff matters.

Now that you’re ready for the landlord side, are you ready to learn more about turnkey rental investing? Speak to a broker at Americas Housing Alliance today to find out more.