Tenant Screening Hacks for the Section 8 Landlord

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August 3, 2016
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If you’re offering your property up for Section 8 Investment, you already know that the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development will put your property out there for tenants from low-income households to check out. There’s also the additional perk of getting pre-screened candidates to look at your place, so you get some sense of security.

But, while they may pass the housing authority’s test, will they pass yours? How do you screen a potential tenant and rent your place out to a good one? Americas Housing Alliance shares a few screening hacks for Section 8 landlords like you.

Snoop Around

Just because housing authorities already looked through their application doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. They may overlook factors that are important to you, like their source of income, and how long they have been on their current and previous jobs.

Ask for contact details, employment records, and other important details from the housing authority. Run a credit and background check to get the facts straight and set expectations before you meet your candidates.

Contact the Tenant’s Former Landlord and Current Employer

Call the people who matter to you as their possible landlord. Start by getting in touch with their previous landlord to have an idea of how they are as a tenant. For verification purposes, call their employer to see if they do have a regular position. This spares you from future headaches when they start living in your house.

Interview Them

Every tenant has their quirks, and you can do away with the surprises. You may want to know beforehand if they have pets, and how many and big they are. Consider hobbies and cleaning habits, so you have a picture of how they are as your tenant and how your property will be like after their stay.

Section 8 Investment Services

Being a Section 8 landlord starts with having a partner you can trust to help you with the process. Americas Housing Alliance will guide you through your Section 8 Real Estate Investments. Our team will see to it that everything goes smoothly, from screening tenants to collecting monthly payments to maintaining your property.

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