These Must-haves will Make Your Turnkey Property a Hit with Millennials

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May 3, 2016
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June 17, 2016
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Did you know that turnkey properties are the prized housing options for millennials today? If you’re planning to enter the real estate market and offer your home or high-rise up for rent, then you may want to turn it into a place they’d like to live and maybe invest in. This year, these must-haves can turn the turnkey property into one hot investment. Take a look.

Updated Bathroom and Kitchen

The bathroom and kitchen may be the most expensive parts of the house, and if you’re renting out the place, they’re a top consideration. Who’d want to use a leaky shower or toilet? Young moms wouldn’t want to risk getting nasty stuff into their cooking, so they won’t like a rundown kitchen.

As the owner, you wouldn’t want to risk emergency jobs with your tenants in there. And, they won’t want to shell out cash for breaking things that are ready to go.

Before you rent the place out, do a thorough inspection of the potentially troublesome areas. Functional, smooth operating fixtures are a turn-on for anyone looking for a home, including renters.

Large Spaces

Home buyers may be looking for move-in ready houses with just the right amount of furnishings, but the deal-maker’s a bit different for renters. The more available space your property has, the better.

Of course, you won’t do away with the mainstays (see first point). But, you may do away with large dining tables, bulky cabinets, and big four-seater couches, especially if you’re targeting single families or young couples. Chances are, they have easy-to-pack furnishings in tow, and they may want to use them.

Apart from that, large spaces make the house look breathable, and millennials love it when they have plenty of room to breathe.

Internet Connection

Internet connection is a necessity, and it’s one that millennials are willing to pay for as part of the package. That they don’t need to contact and wait for the provider is a plus, and you can use it as your property’s main attraction.

Making Your Property as Turnkey as Possible

It’s a long and often challenging process. You can use some help from America’s Housing Alliance, LLC. As a trusted real estate company in the United States, we offer turnkey property solutions that can boost real estate value and achieve unmatched quality.

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