Property Management

Arbor Trace Real Estate & Property Management, LLC

We found that most of our clients prefer a complete “turnkey” solution to real estate, so our business model demanded that we also create a Real Estate Brokerage and Property Management Company to provide property management services for our clients who were unwilling or unable to take on the task of managing rental properties. This not only provides an additional layer of accountability but also projects our confidence in the product that we’ve sold them. As a result, our team also formed Arbor Trace Real Estate and Property Management, LLC.

Arbor Trace is locally owned and operated by the same owners that created BIP and provides a comprehensive array of property management services including accounting and maintenance for the properties. Due to the renovations, repairs are already kept to a minimum, but by managing and servicing our own homes, we have found that we are better able to manage the condition of the homes and the overall expenses more effectively than an outside company. As a result, we have found that our investors realize a larger profit margin and we are able to maintain firm control over all aspects of the management.