About Us

Why Americas Housing Alliance

Over three-thousand properties purchased in 25+ states

Locations throughout the Southeast and Midwest

Combined Real Estate and Business Executive Skills

AHA provides a variety of real estate services to their existing investor base, as well as a growing list of new clients seeking a solid, secure return in the Single Family Home (SFR) investment sector.

The onslaught of foreclosures throughout the country over the past few years resulted in an increased need for SFR rentals. AHA was established solely to meet those ever-increasing demands.

AHA is a partnership formed among three individuals who collectively have over 30+ years of experience in the Real Estate Market.  Each was successful on their own but, by combining the various talents of each, AHA now has the ability to meet the demands of new customers, while continuing to provide services to our existing clients without sacrificing the efficiency and quality that our clients have come to expect and depend on.

Our Approach

We provide and service product for investors through a 4-tiered process:

  • Purchase existing Single Family Residences (SFR) properties at a discount from banks or other asset-holders,
  • Complete necessary repairs and/or upgrades to the properties to bring them up to a certain level of quality
  • Lease the properties to qualified tenants and provide property management services
  • Sell the renovated, rented units to our pool of investors with property management services intact

Where We Buy

AHA currently focuses on acquiring properties in strategic locations within the cities and suburbs of St. Louis, MO, Chicago, IL, and Birmingham, AL. Our network of asset managers, brokers and other investors provides a steady stream of discounted product that fits the parameters required to achieve our customers financial objectives.

The Rental Process

Through our affiliate company’s, we have the ability to target and currently market to clientele who utilize Section 8 funding for their rental payments. By working with Section 8, we are guaranteed that rental payments are made in a timely fashion each and every month, thus reducing the time-consuming and expensive process of tracking down tenants for late payments.

Exit Strategy

AHA has an existing and expanding client base of investors whose primary goal is to develop a real estate portfolio of cash-flowing properties. Our clients currently consist of several funds, companies, and individuals who are taking advantage of the opportunity to own as many income-producing properties as we can deliver. By purchasing at a discount, performing in-house repairs and securing a qualified tenant, we are able to achieve an attractive profit on each transaction.