3 Tips for Investing In Rental Property

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January 27, 2016
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From the initial choice to invest to actually purchasing a rental property, there are a lot of steps involved. The idea may seem daunting, especially if you are investing for the first time. Owning a property isn’t exactly simple, but if it’s done right, it can be extremely beneficial. When you’re shopping for a rental property, keep the following tips in mind.

What Is the Neighborhood Like?

The neighborhood of your property affects everything. It influences how often your property will be vacant and what kinds of tenants you will attract. For example, if your property is near a university, your potential tenants will mostly be students. This results in dealing with vacancies every summer.

Pay Attention To Property Taxes

It’s crucial that you are aware of what you will be paying in taxes. There is no standard property tax so make sure to do your research. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t turn down a property simply because of a high property tax rate. If the property is in an excellent neighborhood and provides an opportunity for long-term leases, then you may want to consider it.

Check Out the Job Market

If you want more tenants, you’ll want a property in an area with increasing employment opportunities. This information can be found by visiting your local library or visiting the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics website. A growing job market likely means that you will have a larger pool of tenants who want to rent your property.

Investing in a single-family home is a great opportunity. They tend to attract couples and families who are longer-term tenants. When you do some simple research of the location, you can have a better idea if you’re making a sound investment. If you need more assistance with finding properties and tenants, consult with the professionals at Americas Housing Alliance.